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make some music
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OK... here is the way it works.
1. You need to find a multi-track recording program (example: cool edit pro).
2. Find a music hosting website that you can upload files to the web (example: www.theyak.com).
3. Post recordings to this community or take (right click and save) someone elses and load it to the recording program and add a track to it. For instance, if there is a drum track posted, take that and add a guitar track, vocal track, bass track, etc...
4. Save that, upload to web, and post it under the original post (even if you can, don't do more than one track at a time. Don't be stingy!!)
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until entire band is completed.
6. Thus an entire band will be created from your own home one person at a time.

1. Use a metronome. Post the tempo you used so others can use it as well to be more precise.
2. Use headphones. This way you won't be recording what has already been done along with your new recording. This will prevent cluttering in your sound. So, wear the headphones to listen to the prerecorded tracks while recording your new one with it.

Anyone who joins, tell your friends!!!