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drum track
100bpm, 4/4 time, 37 measures, 1:28 min.
2 measure drum intro, 4 sets of 4 measures, a 2 measure hi hat break, then 4 more sets of 4 measures.
watch for the style changes every 2 sets.
made with reason 2.5
converted in adobe audition (aka cool edit pro)

get it, work on it, amaze me!
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good to know, thanks for that heads up!
so can I get a wav. or mp3 version of this?
I'm dumb. It is an MP3... the .aspx threw me
yeah, the way they name their files is weird, but as long as the link works.. it's hard to find a decent free hosting site these days.. ^_~

what do you think?
I liked it a lot actually. I haven't tried to work it with anything else yet though. I'd like to modify it and put it into one of my own songs... would that bother you?
that would not bother me at all, only thing as usual.. give credit where it's due.. LOL
but honestly, feel free to chop, slice, remix, do whatever you wish with it,

i'd love to hear the results!
I'll drop you a line if I ever get around to doing it :P